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Dalet AmberFin Dark

Dalet AmberFin Dark

In today’s increasingly file-based media workflows, file transcode operations have assumed critical importance. With media facilities both receiving and distributing content as media files, broadcasters, content owners, sports organizations and post-production houses rely on their transcode chain to deliver their content on multiple platforms, including the Internet, VoD, mobile and other small screen devices.

Dalet AmberFin Dark efficiently turns the content that owners have into the content their customers want, orchestrating and automating tasks with the Dalet Workflow Engine. Including format and standard conversion, Dalet AmberFin Dark offers best-in-class image processing and allows for fast and effortless content delivery and repurposing.

Transcode all popular formats

Working seamlessly with the Dalet Workflow Engine to streamline full transcoding and content repurposing workflows, Dalet AmberFin Dark delivers superior looking pictures even at low bit rates, keeping your storage, distribution and transmissions costs down and helping you save money on each byte you produce. With Dalet AmberFin Dark, transcoding is more than just a wrapper change as we bring you the world’s best scaling, de-interlacing and film cadence processing available today. Dalet AmberFin Dark integrates advanced audio routing, coding and rate manipulation as well as broad support for different audio formats.

Create the best quality images

Dalet AmberFin Dark is able to produce superior picture quality at an equivalent file size or better quality at lower files sizes — reduced by up to 25%. So you can rest assured you will always be able to deliver the optimum product for any given new media platform and any given bandwidth.

This may mean you can serve more customers if you are in the business of providing downloads or streaming on distribution channels with limited bandwidth. Or, you can choose to produce higher quality content for the same amount of money, allowing you to target premium customer segments. Either way, it’s more revenue working for you.

Decrease your maintenance costs

Dalet AmberFin Dark builds on the successful AmberFin iCR transcode farm providing a completely scalable, orchestrated and fault tolerant, high-quality transcode environment. With all components running as windows services, users can build transcode farms on commodity IT hardware as virtual appliances, thus minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs and enabling complete “lights-out” operations.

Scale it to fit your needs

Dalet AmberFin Dark provides complete incremental scalability & resiliency as the most cost-effective scaling transcode farm. Flexible licensing enables complete three-dimensional scalability; Installations can start as a single node and easily scale to tens or hundreds of transcode nodes, while additional Farm Controller nodes provide resiliency and fault tolerance. Dalet AmberFin Dark also scales in terms of functionality with options able to “float” across nodes allowing high value add-ons such as motion compensated frame rate conversion and adaptive cadence correction or optional codecs such as JPEG 2000 to be deployed only as throughput requires.

Intelligent decision-making

Analysis nodes parse input files to enable intelligent decision-making within the transcode engines ensuring that Dalet AmberFin Dark always provides the best result from the simplest configuration. Separation of the analysis of input files from transcode operations ensures the best possible utilization of hardware – regardless of farm configuration and size.

Easy to deploy

With a single install package for all instances and self-aware components, deployment of Dalet AmberFin Dark is incredibly easy. A single process for installation across all physical and virtual machines and a single point of configuration make systems fast to deploy, configure and re-configure.

Integrate transcoding into your workflow

Dalet AmberFin Dark provides a highly efficient transcoding workflow, with extensive integration and automation capacities to third-party software and storage technology. Transcode and QC jobs can be created within Dalet AmberFin Dark GUI as hot folders and as tasks in orchestrated workflows. Dalet AmberFin Dark can be directly incorporated in the Dalet Galaxy MAM platform or via third-party systems or web servers with the basic transcode engine and embedded processes such as multi-channel audio handling. Closed Captioning and Ancillary Data handling further add to the efficiency of the farm. Dalet AmberFin Dark maintains use of the profiles and APIs from previous versions ensuring a simple upgrade path for customers of AmberFin iCR but also provides confidence for new implementations with full support for previous third-party integrations and proven interoperability.

Product highlights

Key features Key benefits
  • Easy orchestration of workflows
  • Single install package for all operations and self-aware components
  • Maintained profiles and APIs from previous versions
  • Input analysis nodes
  • Complete Incremental Scalability
  • Minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs through lights-out operations with the effect of standard IT hardware being able to run as virtual appliances
  • Fast and easy deployment and configuration across all physical and virtual machines
  • Ensures all previously deployed systems, integrations and proven interoperability
  • Separating the analysis of input clips secures the best utilization of hardware, regardless of farm configuration and size
  • Most cost-effective scaling transcode farm

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