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Sports Production and Distribution

Sports Production and Distribution

End-to-end Multiplatform Sports Production

The MAM core of Dalet Sports Factory fosters collaboration

Sports production is intense, complex and demanding. Dalet Sports solutions optimize your production workflow and foster collaboration through seamless integrations with broadcast and IT systems. They maximise your game day coverage and your archive of key plays by bringing them into the production workflow and by leveraging them for multiple devices delivery. Dalet Sports solutions will help you make the most of your content in a million different ways thanks to fast-turnaround production tools for:
  • Multicam ingest
  • Logging
  • Highlight creation
  • Editing
  • Mutiplatform distribution
  • Archiving

Dalet Sports Solutions

Dalet Sports Factory streamlines and automates multichannel workflows and brings archives in the production workflows

Dalet Sports Factory combines the powerful capabilities of the Dalet Media Asset Management platform with user-friendly tools that are specially designed for fast-paced sports production.

The Media Asset Management platform in Dalet Sports Factory “glues” together the different components of your production chain. Content and metadata are enriched every step of the way. Metadata entered during logging and highlight creation reside with the media; the intelligent search engine in Dalet Sports Factory returns the right clips for quick repurposing of content for broadcast, online or mobile use. The MAM platform also automates transcoding, file movement and delivery to multiple platforms. Dalet Sports Factory can be integrated with industry-standard NLEs, as well as live sports production systems.

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Dalet Brio is a fully packaged and cost-effective solution including hardware and software. It delivers highly efficient tools for multicam ingest, playout and fast highlight creation. Easy-to-use, Dalet Brio is ideally suited for OB vans and broadcasting studios. 

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