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Program Preparation

Program Preparation

Streamline Multiplatform Content Preparation

If you want to prepare programs for many different existing and future devices, Dalet Media Life is what you need.

Program Preparation centers manage large quantities of high-value content every day. Content needs to be ingested, edited for compliance, and enriched for use on different platforms including television, VOD, OTT and mobile. Multiple versions are generated with unique languages, subtitles/captions, and interactive elements. Complex assets need to be efficiently bundled to be delivered in the appropriate format, including MXF AS02 or DPP, to multiple customers. Promo production and integration with NLEs add another layer of complexity. If you’re trying to find ways to simplify your production and delivery chain, you may find the answer with the highly effective Dalet Media Life and Dalet AmberFin Dark combination.

Our Solutions

Dalet Media Life is designed to meet the complex requirements of networks, production houses and entertainment companies who generate large volumes of content for many outlets. With Dalet Galaxy at the core, the advanced, cross-system Media Asset Management platform, Dalet Media Life manages the essential business and operational functions in your production workflow, including lifecycle media, essence and metadata management. The BPM workflow engine orchestrates many human tasks and automates background processes.

Fully integrated tools for ingest and bulk ingest, compliance editing, rough cutting, shot selection, storyboarding, language/captioning, content repurposing, and previewing are easily accessible. Dalet Media Life integrates with 3rd party systems, including industry-standard NLEs, traffic, automation and business systems.


Dalet AmberFin Dark is the perfect complement to Dalet Media Life for multi-platform delivery. Including format and standard conversion, it offers best-in-class image processing and allows for fast and effortless content delivery. Its unique Quality Control tool will help you maintain the highest level of content quality at every step of your workflow.


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