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Production Asset Management and Post-Production

Production Asset Management and Post-Production

Today, post facilities are facing unprecedented challenges, as projects are getting more and more complex with budget constraints. Managing, accessing, producing and archiving massive amounts of media has become a key driver of success. To leverage creativity and increase productivity, creative teams need to be connected in distributed workflow environments.

Post facilities need to ensure optimum content quality at each step of their workflow and fast multi-format multi-platform delivery. Dalet post-production solutions deliver best-in-class quality, time-saving and increased efficiency through media and metadata management, as well as seamless third-party integrations. Highly scalable, our solutions streamline workflows and boasts easy-to-use tools to give you the power and flexibility you need to enhance the production value of your projects and meet tight production schedules.


 Our Solutions

Dalet Media Life is a versatile, scalable MAM-based solution built on Dalet Galaxy MAM platform. This powerful combination manages all media files and associated metadata with deep integration with different brands of NLEs and third party-systems such as video servers or archiving platforms. All media and metadata, including usage rights and descriptive locators, are tracked and made immediately available across the entire organization through efficient search tools. Archived items are only one click away for easy repurposing. Fully integrated tools for ingest, pre-editing, compliance editing, subtitling, captioning, versioning, archiving and multi-platform delivery ensure fast-turnaround production. Thanks to advanced data models, content is efficiently bundled to be delivered in the appropriate format, such as MXF AS-02 or DPP, to multiple customers.
Dalet Media Life offers powerful tools and integrates well with industry-leading craft editors.

Dalet AmberFin Ingest enables the best possible quality ingest of tape or file-based assets. Ultra high-quality codecs maintain the value of the original material while growing file support and the ability to write directly to shared storage dramatically reduces workflow latency. The flexible Closed Captioning and Ancillary Data support offer further time savings. 

The Unified Quality Control (UQC) introduces a QC mark that brings a new level of trust to media assets. By uniquely combining automated processes that integrate third-party verification tools with a human touch, it enables more efficient and effective decision-making and new levels of confidence in the file creation and transformation processes. With Dalet AmberFin Ingest, maximizing the quality of your archives has never been easier.

Dalet AmberFin Dark is the perfect complement to Dalet Media Life for multi-platform delivery. Including format and standard conversion, it offers best-in-class image processing and allows for fast and effortless content delivery. Its unique Quality Control tool will help you maintain the highest level of content quality at every step of your workflow.


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