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News Production and Distribution

News Production and Distribution

More than ever, today's newsrooms face significant production and distribution challenges. Editors and producers are required to produce more content, faster, for more channels and distribution platforms. It is a complex and demanding environment often saddled with staffing constraints. Dalet has developed comprehensive news solutions to help you successfully meet these challenges.

Whether you are managing a local mid-sized newsroom, or run a large, international 24/7 multisite news operation that encompasses Radio, TV, Web, Social Media, Dalet can help you increase collaboration to produce richer content. Dalet automates processes and distribution, improving the operational workflow while maintaining high-quality standards.



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Consumers are defying the traditional news cycle, and so too must broadcasters break free from the traditional confines of newsroom computer systems. Dalet solutions for news unify previously siloed facets of news production and delivery, transforming "remote contribution" into "remote collaboration." Editorial planning is aligned with media management and automation, while search, editing and publishing tools are put directly at the fingertips of journalists and editors. All of this is backed by smart dashboards and reporting tools, helping broadcasters to maximize the efficiency and the reach of news operations.


Discover Dalet News Solutions

Enterprise multimedia news production and distribution system

Dalet News Suite offers broadcasters a scalable, MAM-based solution specifically tailored to news workflows. It is designed to improve productivity and provide visibility into the operations and business across the entire enterprise.

The powerful combination of the Enterprise MAM platform, Dalet Galaxy, and story-centric tools elevates digital news production to the next level. An open platform, Dalet Galaxy seamlessly integrates existing systems, facilitating a complete end-to-end workflow. 

Designed for convergence, Dalet News Suite expertly manages TV, Radio and Web news production from a single platform. The enterprise solution is also ideally suited for multi-site organizations with demanding production and distribution needs. Its breadth and depth of modules and tools range from the fully featured Dalet News Wire NRCS and Dalet OneCut multimedia editor to purpose-built tools for managing ingest, to traditional playout, multimedia distribution and archiving. 

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End-to-end, packaged news solution for small and mid-size newsrooms

Dalet News Pack is an end-to-end, “plug-and-play” solution that can be used for traditional, web and mobile news production and distribution. The turnkey hardware/software configuration features the robust Dalet News Wire NRCS module, Dalet Brio video server and the pre-configured Dalet content catalog to manage ingest, story assignments and playout. The fully integrated story-centric production tools let users quickly search and browse the content catalog from the desktop, easily edit media as well as add voice overs and queue for review and playout.

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Full standalone newsroom computer system (NRCS)

Dalet News Wire is a full standalone newsroom computer system (NRCS) that manages end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production for every type of workflow (News, Sports, Programs, ...). Dalet News Wire covers all the needs of a newsroom, from scheduling, job assignment, wire ingest and scripting, to social media integration.

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